We set up Doorstep Baker to let everyone to enjoy freshly baked delicious bread and pastries without having to leave their homes.

We partner with carefully selected local bakeries to supply us with their fresh bread and pastries. The bread and pastries are baked to order in the morning by these local bakeries using the best quality ingredients, and we bring it straight to your doorstep – fresh and tasty.

There is no minimum order value so you only buy what you need. Fresh for each day, nothing wasted.

Our bakery products are fresh and tasty, and made from the best quality ingredients. They are freshly baked each day by the best local bakeries. We never sell any products that are not produced the same day nor do we stock any mass produced products.

We deliver straight to your doorstep in the morning, so that you can enjoy your lovely bread and pastries without having to leave your home or queue outside the bakery.

No minimum order value means that you can order just enough for your needs.


Browse our wide range of breads, sweet treats and savoury pastries. Pick the products you like, select a delivery date and place your order on our website.

One of our partnered local bakeries will hand bake your bread and pastries on the morning of your scheduled delivery.  We pick up your order in the morning, and deliver to you straight away so that the products remain fresh.

We will bag up your order and deliver it to your doorstep. In order for the products to remain fresh and protected from the elements, you will need to leave a box with a click shut lid out on your doorstep for us to put your order in. If you don’t have a box with a click shut lid, you can always purchase one from us.

The delivery will be made between 7am and 11am. If your delivery is before 8.30am, will not knock on your door and disturb you, but we will send you a SMS text as soon as your bread has been delivered to alert you to pick it up. After 8.30am, we will knock on your door and leave the bread on your doorstep.

We have partnered with local bakeries near you to bring you bread and pastries that have been baked to order on the morning of delivery to ensure freshness. See our partners.

Your bread and treats are sourced from local bakeries. Therefore, sometimes the products that each baker producers are slightly different.

We will always let you know where your product has been sourced from and details can be found in the product labelling accompanying each order.

If you have a strong preference for products from one particular bakery, then please contact us before you place your order and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

There are two steps that you need to take to check whether you can get a Doorstep Baker delivery.

Firstly, please check your postcode on our postcode checker on our home page to see whether we can currently deliver to you. We do not currently deliver to all postcodes, but we are working hard to extend our reach.

Secondly, as this is a drop off service you need somewhere safe to leave a box for us to put your bread and pastries into.

If you don’t have anywhere that you can safely leave a box out to receive your bread, then please contact us first before placing your order so that we can discuss whether we are able to deliver to you.

If your flat is located in a building where you share the same front door as the other flats in the building then it may be difficult for us to deliver to you as we are a drop off service (on your doorstep!) and do not deliver to you personally. Do get in contact if you feel there is a way round this. If your flat is located in a building where we are able to access the door to your flat without needing to ring a bell then yes we can deliver to you.

Our products are freshly baked on the morning of your delivery. We will never sell you anything that is not baked on the same day. And because we stock our products from local bakeries, their daily capacity is limited. Some products will also need longer time to prove for maximum taste.

Most products can be delivered in 2 days. To see the earliest date that a product can be delivered, check the calendar on each product page. Greyed out dates are o available. All other days are available.

Note: the availability day changes at 11am each day so if you can order before 11am you will have more delivery date options.

Your bread is freshly baked on the morning of your delivery and will be delivered to you between 7am and 11am.

If we get to you before 8.30am, we won’t knock on your door and disturb you. Instead we will send you a text to let you know that your bread is delivered and left on your doorstep. After 8.30am, we will knock on your door and leave your bread on your doorstep.

Please ensure that there is somewhere safe for us to leave your bread and leave out a container with a lid for us to leave your bread so it remains protected from the elements.

Your bread and pastries are dropped off on your doorstep in the morning.

To ensure that your bread is kept fresh, please leave out a box with a secure lid on your doorstep for us to put your bread in.

If you do not have a suitable container, you can always buy one from us when you check out your order. This one off purchase will help to ensure that your goodies remain fresh and protected from the elements.

And please remember to leave your box out the night before your bread is due to be delivered!!

If you have not left out a container, we will leave your bread and goodies on your doorstep double bagged. This will go some way towards protecting your goodies but is not nearly as effective as using a box.

Please note that we will not disturb you by knocking on your door when the bread is delivered to your doorstep. Instead you will receive a text message from us telling you that it has arrived.

No, you don’t have to be at home as we simply drop off the order on your doorstep, we do not knock on your door. You will though receive a text message as soon as the order has been delivered.


Please also take a look at FAQ "What must I do to ensure that my bread and pastries stay fresh and undamaged?" for further details on delivery.


We currently deliver Monday to Saturday.

Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver on Sundays or Bank Holidays. We appreciate that this could be the day that you want your bread and treats on your doorstep and we are working to get Sunday deliveries up and running.

The reason that we are unable to deliver on Sundays at the moment is because we only source our breads from local family run bakeries who do not currently open on Sundays.

If you are keen on receiving your Doorstep Baker bread and pastries on a Sunday, please drop us a message. Your messages may help us to convince our local partners to fire up their ovens on Sunday mornings.

There is no minimum order value.

And delivery is free if the total value of your order is £5 or over. For orders under £5 in total value, there is a small charge of £1.

We don’t want to impose a minimum basket value before we are prepared to deliver to you. We want you to be able to order just what you need so you don’t have to waste anything and your bread will always be fresh. You can even order just one small loaf of bread if that is all that you want on that day.

In the rare instance that we cannot deliver your order the morning that you have requested then you will be alerted by text as soon as possible. A refund will be issued immediately together with a 20% off coupon for your next order, with no minimum order size or delivery fee.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your order please let us know.

Please remember though that in order to keep your bread and pastries fresh it is important that you leave a suitable container on your doorstep for us to leave your order in – see FAQ: "What must I do to ensure that my bread and pastries stay fresh and undamaged?"


Yes, you can choose to have your bread sliced when you order your bread by clicking on the slicing option when you select your bread. There is a small charge of 10p for slicing as we are charged by our suppliers for the additional work.

If you need to contact us, please send us message directly from this website. This is the fastest way to get hold of us to get your questions answered.


Any refunds required will be issued immediately. However, your credit card company may take up to 7 working days to credit the refund to your account.

Our products are generally not suitable for allergy sufferers. For more information please take a look at our allergen notice.