Kentish Hard Blue Cheese


Approx 150-170g

Firm, creamy, unpasteurised blue cheese, matured for around 2 months. Kentish Blue is a young blue cheese with a firm but moist texture. It has gentle smooth flavours on the first bite developing into a long lasting pleasant aftertaste.

This local Kent craft cheese is made by award winning family run Kingcott Dairy using milk from Viking Red cows from their own farm. The milk used will be just a few minutes old when piped five metres from the parlour into the cheese vat. Kingcott Farm is audited by the Free Range Dairy Network and hold Red Tractor Farm Assured status. The cheese you buy will be freshly made and bought directly from Kingcott Farm.


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Raw cow’s milk, vegetarian rennet, salt. (suitable for vegetarians)

Contains: Milk

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