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Aroma: Almonds and Chocolate
Flavor: Almonds, cashewnuts
Body: Full body
Aftertaste: Nice and really persistent .
Roasted: Medium dark
Origin: Fazenda Santa Rita- Brazil
Altitude: 950 meters
Variety: Red Cataui
Process: Peeled Cherry


Surrounding the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo in Brazil, Serra do Caparao is a place of lush fertility and natural beauty, with the famous Pico da Bandeira one of the highest parts of Brazil.

This is where our coffee comes from, where our friends at Fazenda Santa Rita cultivate the most delicious and tasteful coffee, with a unique flavour and the highest quality.


Castanhas do Brasil is a variety of coffee where the coffee have his bark removed and the mature coffee is separated from the green coffee before the drying coffee, what gives that coffee a perfect balance. That process is known as Peeled Cherry. This process is all about separating ripe fruits and highlighting the sweetness o the coffee, making pulped natural a consistent aromatic with a superior quality.


Coffee with a notes of nuts and almonds, brings a perfect balance between sweetness and smooth acidity with an adequate body.

Grind options

Filter Grind – Suitable for French Press, Cafetiere, Paper filter

Espresso Grind – Suitable for Espresso Machines, Moka Pot

Whole Beans – Suitable for grinding at home or Bean to Cup machines


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Arabica Coffee (100%).

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Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter


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