Welcome to our exciting NEW deli range of products. - There’s Scotch Eggs, gigantic Sausage Rolls, Tarts and Quiches.

You’ll love the variety of flavours to choose from. There’s regular traditional herb flavours to interesting and exotically paired choices like Moroccan Butternut and Thai Curry flavours.

All products are hand made to order by Naked and Ready Foods of Tunbridge Wells who only use compassionately farmed free range eggs and organic pork which are sourced from local farms.

Take a look, and try them all. But of course you don’t have to buy them all at once. Why not slip in a couple of varieties each week with your regular bread and pastry order and let us deliver to you. Fresh and yummy, and something new and interesting each time!

All our deli products are cooked the night before and refrigerated. Our deli sausage rolls are best served warm.

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